Welcome to the website of Umami Media, producer of movies, series en tv shows. The word Umami is originally from Japan and literally means rich with taste or delicious. Curious how that tastes? Order the Umami tube. Curious how we add taste to our projects? Get to know us by scrolling down!


Article description: 's Worlds first fully natural Umami paste. Known as the fifth taste besides salt, sweet, sour and bitter. Literally translated as 'delicious' or 'rich with taste'. Prepared with tomato, boletus edulis, olives, parmezan cheese and anchovies - just a spoon enriches the taste of many dishes.

Details: Allergy information: fish (anchovies), milk (parmezan cheese). Images are illustrative, packaging can vary. Art. nr. 44-0266


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About Umami Media

generation film & TV producers

Our Taste

There are five tastes: sweet, salt, sour, bitter and umami. Umami is the fifth and youngest taste: it was discovered late as 1908, many centuries later than the other four. Nevertheless it turns out to be a very important taste: it amplifies the other tastes.

Umami was discovered by Japanese chemist Kikunae Ikeda, when he was researching the taste of seaweed. It turned out to amplify other tastes.

Umami Media is a young production company founded by Niek Teunissen and Casper Eskes. We have our own way of producing. We create films, series and tv shows that are just different from what you saw before. Not a budget brand, but the premium quality version. With a clear focus on the target audience.

We know that with the mix of the right people, ambition, efficiency and creative flexibility everything is possible. The combination of the right tastes. We amplify these tastes and make sure its creation is greater than the simple sum of its parts. We once started with huge dreams and minimal means, and we still produce in the same way. Because now the means are growing, the dreams grow too. We always get the most out of it. And a little more.


Impatient and unrealistic

You could call us impatient and unrealistic (fortunately that does not happen often), but we prefer to call ourselves ambitious. And luckily this turns out not to be unrealistic at all (most of the time). After graduating the Dutch Film and Television Academy in 2012, we decided to take a leap of faith and just go for it: we set ourselves the objective to startup our first cinema release, fiction series or television show within four years. And we did even more. Pijnstillers (coproduction with Shooting Star) was our first cinema release (and Kappen our second)(and De Dirigent our thirth)(and De CLub van Lelijke Kinderen will return next year greater than ever before). The Amsterdam Project (by joint venture Kalemami with Kale Jakhals ) is our first tv show, nominated for a Zilveren Nipkowschijf, De Gouden Televizierring, winner of two TV Beelden and the format is being sold over the entire world.

And this is only the beginning. Dutch cinema is doing fine, but the selection may become a little more diverse. The Netherlands is a pioneer in TV formats internationally, but could regain it's sharp edge and use a sniff of quality. And let that be exactly the thing we are working on...

Audience focus

For who?

The time that producers deliver finished products to distributors or broadcasters who then camly start doing some promotion is long gone. It is vital to involve your audience from the beginning. To think bigger than the classic routes. To know who you are making it for - or even with. And to research these target audiences. Internet makes this easier than ever. But of course, it all starts with the right story at the right moment.


Together Diverse

We could explain here how many different things we do, that we produce for television, web and cinema, that we have audiences from Holland to the US, that we combine cinematic storytelling with television audiences, that we serve kids, men, women, youngsters and eldern, that produced an endless amount of content since 2002 and how diverse this all is. But we won't. Because that is not the key point.

What it is all about is that we are three guys with three completely different tastes, and we would all prefer to create different things. And that we coincidentally are versatile enough to actually do so. With three times as many power.

And what that results in, you can see under Projects.



Here you find a small foretaste of Umami Media projects that we be released soon:

  • Adventure-family movie

    De Club van Lelijke Kinderen REBOOT

    Family film in which presient Isimo decides to imprison all ugly kids. Paul has huge jug ears and starts - together with his Club of Ugly Children - a battle against the president.

  • Animation movie

    Agent 327

    Animation action movie about Dutch secret agent and comic book hero Agent 327. Coproduction with Blender.
    Show teaser.

  • Youth adventure series

    The Coup

    Three kids get involved in a thrilling hostage situation. Prequal spinoff in The CLub of Ugly Children universe.

  • TV Show

    Lonely Me:VR

    Five youngsters use virtual reality to battle loneliness.

  • Comedy series

    Airball '91

    The ónly year that Holland did not become world champion in korfball. What went wrong?

  • Drama series

    Beats per Minute

    Series about the rise of Hollands largest, world dominating export product: dance music.

  • Comedy series

    Comedy series about Joop and Dries business startup: budget serial killers - "We get it right 65% of the time… Or your money back!"

  • Romantic comedy

    What happens in Phuket

    A woman in her midlife crisis starts to do things differently and starts a quest to find her real self (and a man).


Selection of some of our producions. For questions about a specific project not listed here; please contact us.

  • Youth movie

    Kappen (2016)

    Based on of Carry Slee's besteller about senseless violence. Coproductie Shooting Star.
    Show trailer.

  • Adventure show

    Beaufort (2017)

    Beau van Erven Dorens challenges the elements and himself. More extreme than ever

  • Youth film

    Pijnstillers (2014)

    Based on Carry Slee's bestseller in which Casper tries to find his father now he might loose his mother to cancer.
    Show trailer.

  • NTR Kort!

    Lockbuster (2015)

    Joost's collegues all go on an adventure this holiday. Joost has to work overtime. But when he accidentally locks himself in a closet, his adventure is about to start...

  • Culinary travel show

    Proef de Regio Groningen (2012)

    Van Fladderak tot Krentjebrei; Groningen heeft een rijk verleden aan eigen producten. Maar waar vind je deze tegenwoordig nog terug?
    Show leader. Show website.

  • TV film

    Guilty Movie (2014)

    50 min. film (RTL) about Peer who plots a horrible master plan to escape from his nobody existence.
    Bekijk film.

  • Short film

    De Club van Lelijke Kinderen (2012)

    Children's movie (NCRV), winner Keep an Eye NCP Audience Award, FPN Production Award, Indiejunior Audience Award en de AHK Einwerkprijs 2012.
    Bekijk trailer. Bezoek website.

  • Documentary

    Farewell Facebook (2014)

    Personal documentary about digital suicide International youtube and festival hit.
    Bekijk film.

  • Teledoc Campus

    Geef me 's Ongelijk (2012)

    Documentary in the TeleDoc Campus program in cooperation with CoBO Fonds, het Nederlands Filmfonds, NCRV and NPO.
    Bekijk film.


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